Wickerwood Forest


If you are careful enough, you can unlock many secrets of Wickerwood Forest. But only the Elder of Baskerville can discover the secrets of the magical creatures. To see for yourself is a troublesome assignment, but is definitely worth the risk.

First, you must collect an eye of a dragon, the skin of a pufferfish and the blood of a bat. These tasks are difficult, so that would take some time. Then give them to the Elder and she will create the potion of portals. Drink the potion on a Thursday at exactly 5:47 pm and run around your garden three and a half times. A milky-coloured portal will appear in the middle which leads to the village of Baskerville. Now, this is where the magic starts. Go into the portal and pick an olive leaf and collect some water from the fountain at the town square. Take an old key and soak it in the water. Dry the key with the leaf and it will glow fluorescent green. You have now created the Key of Wickerwood. Stand in front of the portal and chant these words

“Take me to Wickerwood

As fast as fast as you please

I would like to see the pixies

And the majestic Emerald Tree”

The portal will turn jade-green and when you step in, you should find yourself in Wickerwood Forest.

The lilac grass is as soft as velvet and the flowers smell as sweet as perfume. The fairies hum busily while they collect pearls from one tree and harvest rubies from another. The pixies sing merrily as they work on a gem-picking machine for their neighbors. The birds tweet in harmony and the honey-bears nap their way through the day. The dryads come out of their tree to play with the bunnies and the water nymphs leave their ponds to run around with the mischievous squirrels Once a year, all the creatures of Wickerwood gather around the dignified Opal Tree to watch the biggest gemstone be picked by Queen Estelle, the ruler and protector of Wickerwood. The opal is used as the source of power for Wickerwood Forest. This annual ceremony is historical for the mystic beasts of Wickerwood, so it is an honor to watch it. This place needs to be protected, so the Elder of Baskerville can choose one person to visit it once a year. So if you want to go, you should hurry up and ask me already!

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