Smashing Book #4

I started the book last weekend and here I am compiling the interesting/important/new points here for every chapter (though they have a nice closing up/conclusion of every chapter).

1- Modern CSS Architecture and Front-End Development

  • Naming Convention BEM (Block-element-modifier)

2- Writing Maintainable, Future-Friendly Code 

  • Write code which can be used after 100 years (Really!)
  • Love this line for the people who hate to use libraries and frameworks (yes they exist!) ‘You aren’t adding value to your business or application by constantly rewriting low-level utilities. Using third-party components frees you up to focus on the true value you can provide to your users.’ 
  • Different JS libraries and frameworks comparison. Why to use one and how to select one (among backbone.js, Ember.js etc etc.).
  • Structural understanding:
  • Why there is a need of style guide for Developers.
  • Importance of documentation and some best practices.

 4- Culture of Performance 

  • Problem: Make it fast turns into Make it work.
  • for test performance comparison(to convince people to think before starting a project)
  • Performance budget before starting to code.
  • Web debugging proxy tools: Charlsproxy (
  • Brad Frost has said, “You can’t mock up performance in Photoshop.”
  • ImageOptim and ImageAlpha Image optimisation (to test)
  • Fake it until you make it
    • Perform actions optimistically
    • adaptively Preload Content
    • Move bits when no one is watching

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