High School!


High school. It’s the only thing every parent talks about when you’re about to start secondary. Well, at least my mum did. I was slightly nervous but really excited. The only thing wasn’t excited for was my mum telling everyone she knew on the face of the Earth that I was starting Year 7. Anyway, let’s get back to the point. I was dropped off in front of my school building by my dad (after some photos) and walked inside, accompanied by a Year 8 student. I was happy that I had a few of my BFFs (Alisha, Sara, Roqya and Maiza) joining me in the same secondary.

The only thing I was scared of was the teachers. But I had no need to worry. My form tutor – Miss Lyon – is friendly and the other teachers are too. But, sadly, my luck didn’t last as the rest of the day went through sooooo slowly – first, our tutor had to talk to us about rules, hand out letters and gave us our homework diaries. Then we had our taster lessons. My form (7FN) had a French taster lesson and a maths one. In French,  we learnt a song of the months in French and did some maths problems in maths.

Well, that was my first day of high school!

I hope if you started high school too, yours was a bit better!

P.S. Here is the link to the song we learnt!

Quelle est la date de ton anniverse song

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