Conference: TalkUX Manchester

Last week I attended talk UX conference which was held in town hall Manchester. So beautiful place to see from inside and everyone fall in love with the building.

It was really good conference which was organised by the people behind Ladies that UX. The conference encouraged to network with people as well so there were many tea breaks where you have chance to talk to so many people. I loved to meet people from diverse range of background and talking with them was fun. It was interesting experience to go on Oculus Rift which broke in the middle of simulation twice, even then I scored 0 (should play games more!).



Emily Heat from BBC discussed the card sorting technique which they are using to arrange their huge data. Here is her slides which she presented the same at talk_ux.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 13.04.08

Mickela Perera talked about the research and testing with children when she was working with cbbc. Quite interesting talk.  Another talk (#300sec) about designing with children by Sandra Gonzalez caught my attention. It was about how to get children involve into the prototyping session.


Talk by alberta soranzo made us to think about digital life after death. It is quite interesting to know that we actually CAN’T delete our social media accounts whether now or after death (someone else obviously) and to get access to our loved ones accounts we have to go to court. We do understand the security issues but what if someone like to delete their accounts and we do know that when we delete something, it is not deleted permanently. So enjoy being in the world of SOCIAL AFTER DEATH. Here is her slidedeck.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 13.12.05

I loved the 300 secs talks which were very precise and get into the idea immediately. May be in future I will be presenting there.


I have met lots of people from the industry and how did they evolve into their roles and companies. Looking forward their London meetups.


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