Agnitio e-details

Agnitio manager is now very popular particularly in Pharmaceutical Industry for presentations on iPad, as a developer I have to work with it. While working on it, I found it is really hard to find some place where I can get the information about the framework (or a Agnitio Developer discussion/problems place). Here are some ‘things to remember’ while developing presentations for Agnitio Manager. Don’t use jQuery slide function for any sliding effect on the presentation, it conflict with Agnitio framework and will result in whole slide presentation. Use CSS3 animations instead. You can’t see problem while developing on computers, it will happen only on iPad. Don’t use display: none, big performance problem because Agnitio Manager put all the slides up together in dom, so adding/removing new element is killer for the application. Use classes for general modules etc. Dont use same ID attribute for anything in whole presentation. First it is not w3c validated , secondly it will effect the whole structure when performing something specific to that ID. Always test on iPad, dont trust on machines. User experience must be at its best because it is all about touch. Consider all interactions for single interact-able content. Always do a agressive testing, otherwise your presentation can be […]
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Smashing Book #4

I started the book last weekend and here I am compiling the interesting/important/new points here for every chapter (though they have a nice closing up/conclusion of every chapter). 1- Modern CSS Architecture and Front-End Development Naming Convention BEM (Block-element-modifier) 2- Writing Maintainable, Future-Friendly Code  Write code which can be used after 100 years (Really!) Love this line for the people who hate to use libraries and frameworks (yes they exist!) ‘You aren’t adding value to your business or application by constantly rewriting low-level utilities. Using third-party components frees you up to focus on the true value you can provide to your users.’  Different JS libraries and frameworks comparison. Why to use one and how to select one (among backbone.js, Ember.js etc etc.). Structural understanding: Why there is a need of style guide for Developers. Importance of documentation and some best practices.  4- Culture of Performance  Problem: Make it fast turns into Make it work. for test performance comparison(to convince people to think before starting a project) Performance budget before starting to code. Web debugging proxy tools: Charlsproxy (, Fiddler17 Brad Frost has said, “You can’t mock up performance in Photoshop.” ImageOptim and ImageAlpha Image optimisation (to test) Fake it until you make it Perform […]
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