Why I started Noor Clothes?

The reason for starting Noor Clothes is an effort to solve some problems of female clothing. As working women, I always needed modest clothes without under-laying layers. This desire becomes depression specially in summer when it is hard to find out non-revealing clothes. I often searched islamic clothes and most of the time found them really boring and all coat-like styles. So I started to design my own tops which had knee lenth and full arms and beautiful designs with vibrant colors. Whenever I wore those tops, everyone liked it. By the time I realised it is not only my problem but also problem of many women, specially girls (who deserved to be looked good) without any tension. So Here it comes, My Tops Range is all designed by myself and perfect for both working women and college/university girls. The other probelm which I tried to solve is ‘the shalwar qameez’. People in my community and in family like to wear shalwar qameez. But the problem was, the ones which are available in asian-targeting high streets, are not good enough in quality and really expensive. And if you get one dress from these high streets, in couple of weeks, whole […]
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