What an Exciting 2014 was ! Is it same for you?

Every year in Jan we try to figure out how was the last year. There are always some regrets and pleasures. Same with me but one thing was different for me which made me feel happy about it and I want to do it again and again. I actually developedĀ agile environment for my personal goals and family. I did sprint planning (1 month) and set targets for six months. As in agile we look and change lots of things through the process , it happened with me as well which helped me to stay motivated and positive quite a lot. I learned quite a lot as professional (see linkedin what I was doing), worked independently on my personal project (noor clothesĀ and why I started), read lots of books (last book lean in by Cheryl Sandburge, good read), got into UX a bit more (course.ra and now ongoing general assembly course to become officially a UX designer), relaxed holidays (Summer wales trip), nice Eids and kept connected with many friends and family (some closed relatives like my Aunt Asma). Hadia and Laiba’s study, started Hadia’s project and lots of learning. I think it is more what I was expected ! So […]
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