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My name is Farzana Nosheen and I am a daughter, sister, wife, mum and a friend. I work as freelancer front-end/UX developer (linkedin profile).

Here are a few of my blog posts.

My competitors: Are they monsters?

While I was doing the competitor analysis, I realised how BIG and STRONG they are. For a while I was afraid of them and confused why I am going to start this business. Then with the help of my coach and some more research, I decided that I will choose one specific topic within the field. I am sure when you are starting a new business, a new product, a new habit, there are lots of fears comes along the way. But realistically, everything(eg. business) is there for ages, now you cannot (or can in some cases) say that my idea is the one which is unique and no body worked in this field. People start their businesses which are there from stone age, like housing(shelter) and food. But is it stopping people to enter into the field, NO. So why we consider ourselves in their current position while working on just the idea? Your competitors can be your inspiration and helps you in organising and learning in your field. Now I m researching in the specific area of my field of interest and more passionate about new findings, that means more competitor analysis spreadsheets!

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A new journey begins

Coming back to blogging after a long time There is something very important going on in my professional and personal life. I will be mum third time insha Allah this year and my new business will be born too insha Allah. After spending so much time reading and discussing my passion of UX design and research with experts and colleagues, I couldn’t stop myself to start my own business in the area . I also know that the previous knowledge is definitely not going to waste and my development experience will be so helpful in my next venture. I have started to work with Saiyiddah Zaidi in her coaching program Liberated life live. She is the person I wanted to work with from long time but now, I think is the best time so couldn’t resist to enrol in her program. I have choosen her because she is highly qualified business coach and identifies your issues/struggles at very human level. I will insha Allah write about my journey in starting new business. All the progress I have been making and any important step and challenges I am facing in getting my goals.  

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Designing for your future self

I have attended the meet-up which was organised by ladies that UX London . As usual a fantastic evening and the most important thing is the really important topic which most of us missed/forget/neglect/left many times. The highlight of the event was that the speakers were experienced industry researchers and their insight to the topic was amazing. During the talk, they started with behaviour of old people and grasp the area of their needs. She also covered the area of physical body degradation by the age and how we all are going to effect by it. So if we start considering designs which also include older people requirements, then we are actually designing for ourself  and as human, we care about ourself more than anyone else. One important slide while designing anything is: There were many heart touching moments when we saw the videos of old people how they used technology and started to blame themselves rather than technology. This quote definitely my ‘quote of the day’ when someone asked an old man why you press the touch screen so hard: ‘It’s like a doorbell, you assume you have to press it long and hard to get someone to hear you.’ The […]

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